Cognitive improvement for executives

You’ve heard the term “work smarter, not harder.” Through our Executive Cognitive Training Program available at our Wilmington and Winston-Salem, NC offices, we can help business leaders do just that.

Our strategies provide executives with effective and measurable ways to make significant productivity gains in day-to-day performance. Strategies include assistance in increasing thinking, clarity, focus, awareness, processing speed, retention and learning speed.

If you’re looking to become more fulfilled in what you do, and or looking for a competitive edge in your office, Kaluzne Visual Performance Center plans can put you on the rights paths!

Executive Cognitive Enhancement

The Cognitive Enhancement Plan for Executives Includes:

  • Visual Efficiency & Stability: improving focus, tracking, fixation and teaming (getting both eyes to work better together).
  • Foundational Cognitive Skills: Attention measurement and improvement; spatial relationships; visualization, auditory discrimination, processing speed, memory development, and simultaneous and sequential processing.
  • Cognitive Control: Improving memory; controlling emotions; and improving “cognitive flexibility,” or the ability to process different concepts at the same time.
  • Higher Order Cognitive Development: improved reasoning, problem-solving, planning.
  • Leadership Skills: Improving financial literacy, communication, collaboration, and emotion intelligence, awareness, word decoding, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.
  • Learning Feedback: Accessing what’s working and what’s not, and adapting a performance to improve the outcome.

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