Athletes Training

Being a superior athlete doesn’t only happen on the practice field. Improving mental fitness is just as important as working out and practicing. Reaching a high level requires an athlete to perform under pressure, to be aware of what’s going on and changing to instantly adapt, staying in control at all times, making the right decision in an instant, and performing well at a consistently high level. When combined with physical ability, mastering these cognitive traits makes for an incredible athlete. And it requires as high a level of mental training and practice as it does physical training.

At the Kaluzne Visual Performance Centers in Wilmington and Winston-Salem, MC, we work with athletes of all ages in all sports to help them achieve their highest visual motor and visual mental potential.

Cognitive Enhancement for Athletes

The Cognitive Enhancement Plan for Athletes Includes:

  • Visual Efficiency & Stability: improving focus, tracking, fixation and teaming (getting both eyes to work better together.
  • Foundational Cognitive Skills: Attention measurement and improvement; spatial relationships; visualization, auditory discrimination, processing speed, memory development, and simultaneous and sequential processing.
  • Cognitive Control: Improving memory; controlling emotions; and improving “cognitive flexibility” or the ability to process different concepts at the same time.
  • Higher Order Cognitive Development: improved reasoning, problem-solving, planning.
  • Numeracy Skills: making sense of numbers quickly and measuring probabilities fast.
  • Learning Feedback: accessing what’s working and what’s not, and adapting a performance to improve the outcome.

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