Dr. Stephen Kaluzne works to Improve Cognitive Development Through Vision Therapy

For over 35 years, Stephen Kaluzne, O.D. has helped patients improve cognitive development through vision therapy. He also specializes in family vision care with a focus on post trauma vision care, sports vision improvement, and vision-related learning issues.

Through research and study of the science of achievement, he has developed a series of cognitive training tools and strategies that are now offered to students who would like to do better, to athletes who would like to perform at their best, and to business professionals who are looking to gain an edge in the workplace.

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“By creating unique learning experiences we can activate the super conscious mind to reach performance levels never imagined. This will unleash our patients’ full potential and stimulate real innovation and fulfillment on demand. It’s truly developing a path for a fulfilled life!”

– Dr. Stephen Kaluzne

It Begins With The Eyes – Visual Efficiency & Stability

Most of what we learn begins with at the eyes. Improving cognitive development can be limited by any number of issues, and Dr. Kaluzne always begins with the eyes when accessing a patient. “Having 20/20 eyesight doesn’t mean you don’t have a vision problem. It just means you don’t need glasses. Visual processing is essential to learning, and any number of factors can contribute to visual processing issues. We look at Focus, Tracking, Fixation and Eye Teaming, which is examining how both eyes work together,” Dr. Kaluzne says.

Additional tests can then performed to look at attention, cognitive processing, memory, reasoning, and more.

Once a thorough analysis has been conducted, a “Cognitive Enhancement Plan” is developed that focuses on a sequential progression of skill development exercises to help attain the highest possible cognitive ability.

The ultimate goal is to improve cognitive development through vision therapy.

Visual Performance Graphic

The Role of Cognitive Capacity

The sequence of development for a Cognitive Enhancement Plan is:

  • Foundational Cognitive Skills: attention measurement and improvement; spatial relationships; visualization, auditory discrimination, processing speed, memory development and more.
  • Cognitive Control: working memory; inhibitory control (focus), and cognitive flexibility.
  • Higher Order Cognitive Development: reasoning, problem-solving, planning.

From there, depending on the focus of the plan, the next steps may be Literacy Skill, Numeracy Skill or Life Skill Development.

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