Improve Your Visual
and Cognitive Performance

Our goal is to dramatically improve the visual and cognitive performance of our patients.

Whether it’s in the classroom, the sports field or the boardroom, your mental performance matters more than anything. Performing at a high level academically, physically or professionally means nothing without having the right “brain capacity” to handle it.

At the Kaluzne Vision Performance Center, we give students, athletes and business professionals the tools and strategies they need to change how they think. Literally!

Our cognitive performance program puts you on a path to:

  • Increase focus and attention
  • Create quick decision-making abilities
  • Retain and process more information and to do it quickly

The cognitive training options available at the Kaluzne Visual Performance Center work to identify what visual and cognitive deficits a patient may have, and then we create the strategies necessary to improve cognitive skills and outcomes.

Not only will you think better, you can put yourself onto a path to fulfillment you may never have considered!

If you have the drive to seek better results in everything you do, whatever it is, visual performance training can help you achieve the results you want.

Contact us by email for more information, or call 910-319-7996 to schedule an appointment at our Wilmington, NC or Winston-Salem, NC offices. For more information about vision therapy, vision related learning problems, and visual rehabilitation click here.


Cognitive Performance Graphic

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